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Summer 2020 looks to thrill beyond belief


Published May 27, 2020

With school pressing on week after week, and the number of students who care about school dropping even faster than their grades, the prospect of a big, energetic summer is a huge source of motivation. Senior Jeremiah Lamph said it best in the recent Carmel High production of “Bye Bye Birdie”: There’s such a lot of livin’ to do!

There’s no shortage of ways to get involved around the community this summer. Those of us with less productive (we here at the Sandpiper prefer not to use the offensive and outdated term “lazy”) tendencies will be happy to know that this is truly their time to shine. At no other point in any of our lives has the most important thing we could do to help others been to do absolutely nothing. Likewise, we’ll never get this chance again. For example, by writing this at home and not at school, I’m basically an American hero. I look forward to receiving my Nobel Prize in the mail any day now. 

As far as recreation goes, I personally have been doing a lot of hiking during the shelter in place to prepare for the momentous occasion of being released and getting to travel or play an actual full round of golf again. A lot of people on Instagram post about their hikes across the beach or through nearby parks, but the route I prefer takes me from my bedroom to the living room, with a bit of a stretch southbound to the kitchen and northwest to the bathroom. I love to pause and take a few moments to appreciate the wildlife around me, like my cat taking her fourth nap of the day or my little brother leaving his bedroom. 

Just one of the millions of pumped-up people heading into a fantastic summer.

Go-getters will rejoice in the hottest new item of summer fashion: the cloth face mask. Just take a look around when you walk down the canned food aisle at Safeway. Everyone is wearing them. Sometimes they give me a hard time with the whole breathing thing, so for all the DIY enthusiasts out there, just take some scissors and cut a hole around the mouth area. This keeps the mask intact and gives a lot more room for airflow. Though they’re currently being piloted in New York and Italy, the hazmat suit is looking to expand to a store near you. Be sure to customize your look with the vibrant variety of gauze white, surgical green or radioactive yellow.

With wardrobe options like these, we have the perfect chance to experience foods from unique cultures. A few of my personal recommendations are shredded mozzarella cheese from a huge bag (if possible, this selection is simply divine at 1:30 a.m. or later) and the crumpled-up bag of chips in the back corner of your pantry, perfect for a mid-Zoom snack. Just be sure to mute yourself and turn off the mic and camera. Your teacher wants to hear you munching and crunching just as much as you want to be in a Zoom meeting at 10 a.m.

When June rolls around and the last Zoom closes, Carmel’s senior class will have so much to look forward to in the next steps of their educational journeys. By printing out a sticker of their mascot’s logo, the seniors have an exhilarating chance to build and personalize a Lego model of their future campus. Animating the daily lives of minifigure students is probably the closest they’ll get to living the college life until 2021 or even later. To get a more visual sense of the school experience from home, they could also buy a copy of “Persona 5” and just not do the actual action of the game.

Overall, there is no shortage of wonderment in the coming months. With all CSU campuses shut down until December and Los Angeles County extending their shelter-in-place order indefinitely, we’re booked for a summer we will never forget.

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