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Tech heavy hitter heads out, district searches for a replacement


Most students know Erik Halbrend as the person every Google Drive document is shared with, but his work in tech support for all computer and network systems at Carmel High, Carmel Valley High School and Carmelo School, paired with a constant smile and great sense of humor, is something that will be greatly missed when he leaves the district this month.

Halbrend and his family are going to move to Greensboro, North Carolina, because his wife recently accepted a job. He’s hoping to get another job in tech in an area similar to what he is currently doing, and his first-grade daughter is extremely excited to fly all the way into a new school.

“My favorite part about working at Carmel is the area,” Halbrend says. “I love walking outside and being able to see the beautiful mountains, plus the faculty snacks at the high school are great. It was nice to have the privilege to work among such a great group of people.”

Besides being the school’s resident IT guy, he has a Bachelor’s of Science in Telecommunications from SUNY Polytechnic Institute and several years of prior work supporting technology at schools in Connecticut and New York. Halbrend loves balancing his work with going to the gym and spending time with his wife and two kids—Evan, 9, and Cailyn, 6.

“Erik has been providing legendary tech support for Carmel High,” Carmel Unified technology expert Colin Matheson says. “He is really good at troubleshooting and is very responsive to the needs of teachers. He also is really funny. In terms of what we are looking for…a clone of Erik perhaps?”

In finding a replacement in tech, Halbrend advises to follow two guidelines: They need to be good with customer service by being able to periodically check in to make sure everything is working and also be accustomed to being able to make sense of complex problems fairly easily.

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