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CHS alumna an inspiration to students, everpresent in Carmel community


Cassie Hanson, a Carmel native, is a strong role model for many high schoolers on campus because of her positive personality and ability to be a jack-of-all-trades, but even though she’s a crucial player in keeping CHS moving, her multifaceted roles may often be overlooked.

Since joining the district, Hanson has connected with many students on campus by earning herself a variety of titles such as assistant athletic trainer, substitute teacher, AP proctor, head field hockey coach and the home and hospital teacher for Carmel High. After two years of assistant coaching the field hockey team, she earned the position of the head varsity coach, where she has continued to help many of the girls to reach their best possible selves.

“She really helped me grow as both a player and as an individual,” senior field hockey captain Lexie Sakoda says. “She was always able to meet with me after practice or talk with me about anything I was going through both on the field or off the field, which was really nice.”

The 28-year-old Hanson knew Matt Borek from when he taught Sports Medicine, a subject he is again teaching, when she was at CHS in 2008. Her love for working with athletes and being a coach gave her the possibility of joining Borek’s team as the assistant athletic trainer, and she started helping out the students and other athletes whenever she could.

“She’s my rock,” Borek says. “She’s got a really positive attitude, and I think the kids feed off of that. She’s an awesome role model for girls because she’s someone who has a strong mindset and doesn’t let other people influence the way she feels.”

After graduating Carmel High in 2008, Hanson attended the University of California, Davis, where she went on to receive her Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with an emphasis in marine biology and a minor in communications. Wanting to go into that field and work with the Monterey Bay Aquarium, she moved back to Carmel and thought it was a perfect opportunity to get a job as the AP proctor while she was on the hunt for a job in the competitive marine biology field.

“[Proctoring] is a lot of sorting, organizing and scheduling for testing weeks, and the past couple years I’ve been the head proctor,” Hanson explains. “It includes reading the prompts and managing students coming in and out for testing.”

After tutoring for AVID, she also became a substitute teacher. She enjoys seeing girls from the field hockey team and being able to connect with them off of the field and in a classroom environment as well.

“I am also a home hospital teacher for Carmel High,” Hanson says. “If a student is home- or hospital-bound due to an illness, I work between them and their teachers. I bring them their assignments, proctor their tests and return work back to the school. It’s a great program Carmel High has so students don’t fall behind due to an illness.”

She additionally takes classes at Monterey Peninsula Community College to build upon the nursing prerequisites she obtained from U.C. Davis and hopes to veer from her passion of marine biology to nursing instead.

Hanson takes dance classes to stay active, something she has been doing ever since she was 6 years old. She joined a club at U.C. Davis where they focused on Hula and Tahitian dancing, and they would do shows around the peninsula.

In November, she brought Borek’s Sports Medicine class along to one of her Anatomy and Physiology labs at Monterey Peninsula College where the students could see what kind of environments they would be a part of if they chose to pursue medicine in college.

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