About Colin Matheson


Eight years in the making, former full-time technology professional coach Colin Matheson has made his comeback to the CHS science department with one section of college prep Biology during fifth period with the rest of his day still coaching teachers on the use of technology in classrooms.

With a growing technology department in the Carmel Unified School District, Matheson was able to delegate enough of his responsibilities creating an available period in which he can experiment with the techniques that he recommends to other teachers.

“For example, I can better help teachers use Remind in their classes, because I now use it in my own,” Matheson remarks on the app to support communication with students and parents.

Not only does Matheson appreciate the value of practicing what he preaches to other teachers, but the addition of his own group of students satisfies a need that he’s had since his hiatus from teaching science, including AP Biology eight years ago.

“Before, I was the guest in someone else’s classroom,” he says. “Now, I get to experience the most rewarding part of teaching—getting to be a part of the students’ lives—and I still get to work with the teachers.”

Colleague and friend Jason Maas-Baldwin, an AP Environmental Science and AP Chemistry teacher, appreciates Colin Matheson’s  tech coaching and collaboration in the sciences.

Maas-Baldwin says, “We get to enjoy Colin still as a mentor with our tech needs, but now we can also enjoy his Hello Kitty toaster in the science department storage room.”