Mr. Padre competition returns with style, talent and poise

The Mr. Padre competition, an event where junior and senior boys compete with athleticism, talent, fashion and poise in hopes of winning a ticket to prom, returned to Carmel High School on March 31, with junior Nick Krueger being crowned 2017’s Mr. Padre.

Senior class president Junna Saito put on the show with a committee in the school’s Leadership course, and the hosts from this year’s show were assistant principal Tom Parry and math teacher Dawn Hatch.

The fitness portion of the competition took place at lunch at CHS, where the five contestants, including juniors Krueger and Chris Scattini and seniors Connor Hatch, Jack Burke and Emerson Hardy all participated in a dance to showcase agility.

The talent and poise portion followed that evening, where contestants performed individual acts of a talent of their choice, answered two randomly chosen questions and modeled Men’s Wearhouse tuxedos while escorting their dates onto the stage.

Krueger won the pageant with a rendition of the iconic dance from “Napoleon Dynamite” and a promise to “make CHS great again” during his reign as Mr. Padre.

-Asha Johnston