Monthly Archives: May 2014

‘Winter Soldier’ kicks off blockbusters with a bang

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” is following the course of Marvel Studio films preceding “The Avengers” by making the allies and villains more interesting and the overall plot more complex.

Fourth time is not the charm for Manchester Orchestra

Manchester Orchestra has always changed its sound from album to album, from the delicate yet schizophrenic sounds of their debut to the strings and meaty production of “Simple Math,” and…

Enriquez carries baseball team with great hitting

Three months ago, Andres Enriquez had no plans on playing baseball and had his sights set on playing golf this spring. What the junior eventually realized is that baseball is…

Student GPAs earn CCS recognition

After batting, running, swimming or yelling “FORE!” CHS athletes spend time committed to their academics, earning well-deserved recognition by producing notable GPAs in spite of demanding extracurricular expectations.

Where are they now? CHS grads excel in college

Only 6.8 percent of high school baseball players go on to play in college, according to, and only 0.7 percent of high school softball players earn scholarships, according to…