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Lederle behind the lens

Settled behind her desk, a cup of rich coffee in hand, Holly Lederle is somewhat reminiscent of a well-known icon of film culture, the beloved Holly Golightly. In a way similar…

Dave Soto: More than your average bus driver

Frost crawls up the windows of the long yellow school bus. 6:24 a.m. and children are walking up the familiar steps into an empty bus. Living in the deep, rugged…

Taking a look at local school environments

Some people think of their high school years as the glory days and some think of them as the worst years of their life, depending on the relationships they built…

Students honored for 9/11 works

Carmel High senior Lana Richards and junior Madi Salvati won the Carmel 9/11 Memorial Writing Contest in August, for which students had to write either an essay or a poem about the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

Salvati and Richards each received $200 for winning the essay and poem divisions, respectively, and read their submissions aloud at the memorial ceremony.  Senior Alex Wieting-Lukowski also won an honorable mention for her poem.

The poems and essay will be displayed in the Harrison Memorial Library in Carmel-by-the-Sea, along with a piece of steel taken from the fallen Twin Towers.

DO’s and DONT’s for attracting your very own special someone

Wear nice perfume or cologne: DON’T wear that old grandpa or grandma perfume that you refuse to throw away in fear of being labeled a horrible grandchild who throws away…

Administrators dispel rumors of Coach Ables’ dismissal


Despite rumors circulating through the Carmel community, coach John Ables was never fired from his coaching positions at Carmel High School and remains the current football speed, cross country and track instructor, though the district did facilitate a public employee evaluation of him this summer.

The evaluation took place on June 19 and 25 and included a closed-door session between board members followed by time allowing students and parents to speak in support of Ables—2012 graduates Devin Pearson and Camille Herhusky were among those who spoke.

However, support from the community did not end there. On July 1, Iljin Cho, a 2012 CHS graduate who ran cross country and track, created a Facebook support page titled “Rehire Coach Ables.” The group contained 255 members and encouraged those members, both current and former students, to explain the impact Ables has had on them.


Marden under center to welcome league title run

Devin Pearson was many things. He was the Mission Trail Athletic League Offensive Player of the Year; he was awarded All State Div. III First Team Offense; he even earned the title of All County Athlete of the Year.

What is Devin Pearson to the Carmel Padres football team now? Gone.

As the varsity football team prepares for King City and the start of league games, the players and coaches will need to get used to a new quarterback leading the squad.