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Presidential election will affect education

The Presidential General Election is Nov. 6, and both candidates for President—Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama—have distinct views on public education that will change national education policy and…

Letter From the Editor

We’ve heard your input—from the numerous letters to the editors we have received to those who sat silently and devoured The Sandpiper’s last issue—and for November, we’ve decided to put…

Common Lunch-Time Waste and Where to Put It:

COMPOST LANDFILL RECYCLE Fruits Meat Cans Vegetables Citrus Plastic bottles Bread Plastic utensils Coffee Cups Paper boats Chip bags Paper plates Styrofoam Yogurt cups  

Compost program plagued by setbacks

Carmel High School’s Environmental Club was set to implement a composting program at the high school this October, but a series of setbacks have hindered the process. “Either someone hates…

Lederle behind the lens

Settled behind her desk, a cup of rich coffee in hand, Holly Lederle is somewhat reminiscent of a well-known icon of film culture, the beloved Holly Golightly. In a way similar…

Dave Soto: More than your average bus driver

Frost crawls up the windows of the long yellow school bus. 6:24 a.m. and children are walking up the familiar steps into an empty bus. Living in the deep, rugged…

Taking a look at local school environments

Some people think of their high school years as the glory days and some think of them as the worst years of their life, depending on the relationships they built…

Students honored for 9/11 works

Carmel High senior Lana Richards and junior Madi Salvati won the Carmel 9/11 Memorial Writing Contest in August, for which students had to write either an essay or a poem about the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

Salvati and Richards each received $200 for winning the essay and poem divisions, respectively, and read their submissions aloud at the memorial ceremony.  Senior Alex Wieting-Lukowski also won an honorable mention for her poem.

The poems and essay will be displayed in the Harrison Memorial Library in Carmel-by-the-Sea, along with a piece of steel taken from the fallen Twin Towers.

Class size imbalance creates classroom obstacles


Increasing class sizes has become an issue affecting public schools across the nation, and Carmel High is no exception this year.

The average class size at Carmel High, as of 2010, was 19.4, which if you ask members of the CHS faculty, can be misleading.


“The most striking thing for me is how unbalanced [class sizes] are,” AP Government and Politics teacher Bill Schrier says. “I have two classes in the mid-twenties and two in the mid-thirties.”

Juniors’ LifeSkills training postponed

Carmel High juniors will participate in a judgment improvement workshop planned for Nov. 19 after the program was postponed twice due to student, parent and teacher dissatisfaction with its scheduling.


The Botvin LifeSkills program will be delivered in age-appropriate iterations to students grades three through eight throughout Carmel Unified School District, as well as to students in health class at CHS. Junior year will be the last year that LifeSkills will be delivered.


LifeSkills is designed to promote improved decision-making, time management and communication during and after high school, counselor Jennifer Goodbody says.


“These really are skills for life,” Goodbody stresses. “There’s a misconception that this is a class about drug and alcohol awareness, and it isn’t.”