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Lyceum denies motion for second mock trial team

Carmel High’s mock trial coach Bill Schrier recently requested Carmel be allowed two competing teams this year in the county competition due to an increase in student participation, but this…

Freshmen adjust to pilot AP geography class

Last spring CHS announced the introduction of its first AP course for entering freshmen: AP Human Geography. The idea was met with uncertainty, but CUSD pushed for the pilot course…

Freshman songwriter begins musical tradition in English class

      Freshman Delaney Watts not only sings, plays the guitar and writes her own songs, but each day she begins her second period English class by pulling out…

MySchool upgrades cause various tech difficulties

The summer’s major upgrade to Moodle, the CHS website, from version 1.9 to 2.5 has caused ripples school-wide as students, teachers and the techies alike relearn how to use MySchool.

Ailis Dooner named California’s top young scientist

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Carmel High School’s very own Ailis Dooner won California’s Outstanding Young Scientist award, the California Association of Professional Scientists announced Friday.

Carmel High women grads helping worldwide

CHS is known for many things. The school is known for nurturing young artists and providing a strong educational background for its graduates, but what you may not know is…

Carmel students prepare to say ‘Au revoir!’ ‘Ciao!’

Abandoning conventional plans for the 2014 spring break, select CHS students will be leaving Carmel behind as they explore France and Italy.

Italian exchange senior hopes to make waves in U.S.

Imagine waking up one day and deciding that you want to go to high school in a different country. That is what foreign exchange student William Spinola did when he…

Ruling allows CHS staff members to administer insulin for diabetics

The California Supreme Court ruled Aug. 12 that insulin now may be administered to diabetic students by school staff members who don’t have a health care license.

CHS senior undertakes unconventional summer vacation

Although CHS senior Alyssa Knapp spent the summer in an African savannah among the lions and elephants, it wasn’t all “Hakuna Matata.”