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Farewell, seniors!

Although we say goodbye to seniors every year, it continues to be the same shade of bittersweet it has always been. This year, The Sandpiper will be wishing a talented, influential and dear senior staff well with their journeys to come. Thank you for the time, wisdom, reporting and laughter you have shared with us this year!

Sophia Bone

Sophia is a three-year member and editor-in-chief of the paper. Her positive spirit in our staffroom is augmented by the delicious muffins she brings when it’s her turn to supply snacks and impeccable playlists of the month. In particular, Sophia excels in featuring classmates and community members–if she’s not helping Mr. Palshaw fine-tune his DJ skills, she’s lifting up the people around her through meaningful stories that have consistently added dimension to the paper these last few years. University of California, Santa Barbara, has a lot more smiles and muffins coming their way with Sophia as a communications major!

Emma Brown

Emma is a four-year member and editor-in-chief as well. Emma is well-known to our staff, as well as to the CHS community, (affectionately) as The Sandpiper’s resident muckraker. A daring, dedicated and brilliant reporter, Emma has taken on the most difficult district and community stories from sexual assault allegations over quarantine to tracking current district turnovers. Journalism has been Emma’s passion from a young age, and it shows clearly in the quality and depth of her work. Chances are, each current member of the staff has received mentorship or advice from this veteran. Our classroom will be much quieter without Emma’s passionate debates with Mr. Palshaw when she heads off to Vassar College as a media studies major.

Teresa Frahm

Teresa may be a first-year member, but you wouldn’t know it from reading her very first story in The Sandpiper. Mr. Palshaw has often lauded Teresa for her stellar researching and storytelling abilities evident in every article she’s written, and with good cause. Throughout this past year, Teresa has taken on insightful and often difficult features that, through her journalistic talent, elevate the quality of this paper to the next level. Every student in the paper has been lectured at some point or another for missing a deadline, submitting subpar art or missing elements in their story; Teresa is the exception to that rule. The crazy part is she doesn’t even seem to break a sweat. The Sandpiper will miss her calm presence when she goes on to Lewis & Clark College with the intention of pursuing international relations.

Maggie Johnston

Maggie is another first-year senior who has nonetheless left an indelible impression on our staffroom. She was awarded Student of the Month by Mr. Palshaw earlier in the year for her responsible nature. His reasoning: “If you’ve met Maggie, you’ll agree.” And while he was absolutely right, Maggie’s dependability is just the cherry on top; she brings smiles and optimism with her wherever she goes. Keeping in character, Maggie’s features often add a positive touch to our papers. We hope between Thursday block periods of munching on popcorn and being serenaded by the jazz band for her feature that she will miss us as much as we will miss her as she heads off to Queen’s University in Canada to study health science and kinesiology potentially alongside education.

Sage Melton

Continuing the trend, Sage is also a first-year senior! Although she’s spent time this past year delving into meaningful features on students’ futures, local businesses and classroom dilemmas, Sage pursues many passions outside of journalism. This can be seen through her ability to marry her interests with her articles; whether she’s reporting on the environment, the arts or expressing scathing opinions on energy drinks, she’s able to capitalize on her prior knowledge, experience and dedication to the subjects she writes about. Sage is a laid-back and calming presence, something The Sandpiper has to let go of as she enrolls in a four-year university to study environmental studies and dance.

Flint Nachbar 

Flint transferred into Newspaper winter of his junior year after Mr. Palshaw’s journalism “boot camp” for first-year members had concluded. But that didn’t stop Flint, who made it out alive independently and went on to become something of a renaissance man. He’s covered hard news stories, dived into meaningful campus and community features and reviewed a host of movies and TV shows. Flint repeatedly pushed the boundaries of the reporting he was familiar with to analyze difficult topics like academic honesty and share opinions on the value of testing Mr. Palshaw fervently disagreed with. In addition to his friendly and relaxed nature, as The Sandpiper’s sole male staff this year, he was a friend and gym buddy to Mr. Palshaw. And just like his reporting, Flint’s upcoming gap year is sure to be filled with adventure.

Riley Palshaw

Riley is our third and final editor-in-chief, as well as a second four-year member. The sheer number of stories Riley has written for The Sandpiper is amazing–alone they fill six pages of website! The idea that journalism runs in her blood is only reinforced by the high-quality reporting she’s done, which has shifted over time from fun features to an endless list of in-depth district and community news. Whether interviewing Carmel’s mayor or tackling full-campus stories, Riley has never shied away from the difficulties presented by larger investigative articles. In fact, she’s excelled to the point where her articles have also run in other local publications such as the Carmel Pine Cone. Her reliability, dry humor and talent will be sorely missed as she goes on to University of Missouri as a journalism major.


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