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10 Ben & Jerry’s flavors worth melting over…or icing out

Published May 29, 2023


Summer is here, and we are all walking off campus with a relieved bounce in our step.  What better way to capture that feeling than with Ben & Jerry’s creatively named classics? Remember to take your Lactaid, and follow this guide rating 10 popular Ben & Jerry’s flavors.

It is a mystery how the excessively sweet and artificial Strawberry Topped Tart got past Ben and Jerry’s taste testers. (photo by BRIANNA SCIUTO)

Strawberry Topped Tart 

This ice cream is topped with a white “chocolate” shell and red and green candy. The first impression is of mold, and the taste meets expectations of atrocity. There is no semblance of strawberry flavor, and the extreme sweetness is sickening. 1/10

Everything But The…

This one certainly achieves what it is trying to: a complete lack of dullness. But sometimes consistency is a good thing…because this flavor leaves a confusing taste in your mouth. I appreciate the attempt at an all-encompassing flavor, but white chocolate and toffee do not have a complementary relationship. 3/10


The war between flavors of Everything But The… is certainly an acquired taste. (photo by BRIANNA SCIUTO)

Churray for Churros!

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is sprinkled with fun misnomers, but this one has to be the worst. The only indicator of a churro flavor in this ice cream is its cinnamon, and even that is diluted. Perhaps it would be improved if it was renamed to Cinnamon Toast Crunch 4/10

Chunky Monkey 

Anyone who is apathetic towards the taste of bananas, stay away from this one. It executes the concept of Chunky Monkey well enough, but the strong banana flavor will make you gag if you do not prepare your taste buds first. 5/10

Change is Brewing

The coffee-flavored ice cream itself is delicious, but its rich flavor is interrupted by brownie chunks whose soggy chocolate taste is far overpowered by the taste of coffee. Brownies belong nowhere near prepackaged ice cream. 6/10

Half Baked

All cookie-dough-loving readers, this is the one for you. Half Baked pairs rich chocolate and vanilla ice cream with sweet cookie dough. This ice cream is one of the best, but the toppings are disappointing. There is not nearly enough cookie dough, and the incorporation of brownies is not a favorable decision. 8/10

Phish Food

The s’mores toppings and the hot chocolate-esque taste of this ice cream make it a ticket to your childhood memories of sledding and campfires. The nostalgic bliss is only enhanced by the realization that the chocolate is fish-shaped, but it could be less busy. More than one childhood memory per bite can be overwhelming. 8/10

Your summer is incomplete without the heaven-sent flavor of Cherry Garcia. (photo by BRIANNA SCIUTO)

Cherry Garcia

This ice cream is perfectly punctuated with dark chocolate chips and unexpectedly juicy cherries, and it is a pleasant surprise that the cherry and chocolate combine so harmoniously. But there should definitely be more of the chocolate chips that complete its euphoric summertime flavor.  8.5/10

The Tonight Dough

Taking inspiration from Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, this flavor combines a chocolate cookie swirl, several types of cookie dough and chocolate-caramel ice cream to create a congruous ice cream with a fantastic texture. Tonight Dough certainly lives up to its good Tik Tok reputation. 9/10

Mint Chocolate Chance

Based on Chance the Rapper’s favorite childhood ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s definitely does this flavor justice. The chocolate fudge chunks uplift the overall flavor of the ice cream, a nostalgic natural mint. Pure delight sits on the tongues of those who choose this one. 9/10


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